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Arceuthobium americanum
(Dwarf Mistletoes)

Arceuthobium douglasii
(Dwarf Mistletoes)

Arceuthobium laricis
(Dwarf Mistletoes)

Arceuthobium tsugense
(Dwarf Mistletoes)

Armillaria ostoyae
(Armillaria Root Disease)

Atropellis piniphila
(Atropellis Canker)

Chrysomyxa arctostaphyli
(Spruce Broom Rust)

Cronartium coleosporioides
(Stalactiform BlisterRust)

Cronartium comandrae
(Comandra BlisterRust)

Cronartium ribicola
(White Pine BlisterRust)

Diaporthe lokoyae
(Phomopsis Canker of Douglas-fir)

Endocronartium harknessii
(Western Gall Rust)

Inonotus tomentosus
(Tomentosus Root Rot)

Leptographium wageneri
(Black Stain Root Disease)

Lophodermella concolor
(Pine Needle Cast)

Melampsorella caryophyllacearum
(Fir Broom Rust)

Meria laricis
(Larch Needle Cast)

Mycosphaerella pini
(Dothistroma Needle Blight)

Phellinus weirii
(Laminated Root Rot )

Pucciniastrum epilobii
(Fir - Fireweed Rust)

Rhizina undulata
(Rhizina Root Rot)