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Pacific Northwest Key Council

The Pacific Northwest Key Council is dedicated to the creation and publication of field keys to the fungi of the Pacific Northwest. It was initiated in 1974 by Kit Scates of Post Falls, Idaho, and developed with the support and supervision of Dr. Joseph Ammirati and the late Dr. Daniel Stuntz, both of the University of Washington. The geographic area covered is southern British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and western Montana.

The Key Council keys are identified in the SOURCES section of the description files by [PNW Keys]

The following gilled mushroom keys or trial keys had been introduced by October 1998:

Agaricus 1981 Margaret Dilly
Agaricus 1997 Laverne Chariton
Agrocybe 1985 Carl Hermanson
Amanita 1986 Don Goetz
Amanita 1997 Janet Lindgren
Armillaria 1978 Judy Roger
Catathelasma 1978 Judy Roger
Collybia 1979 Helena Kirkwood
Coprinus 1981 Fred Van De Bogart
Cortinarius 1981 Daniel Stuntz
Cystoderma 1977 N. Laycock and R. Sandahl
Entolomataceae 1996 Robert Ramsay
Gomphidiaceae 1980 Kit Scates-Barnhart
Gymnopilus 1994 Harley Barnhart
Hygrophorus 1975 Daniel Stuntz
Inocybe 1978 Daniel Stuntz
Lactarius 1997 Coleman Leuthy
Lentinus/Lentinellus 1979 Tak Mochizuki
Lepiotaceae 1998 Richard Sieger
Lepista 1981 Gene Butler
Leucopaxillus 1981 Judy Roger
Limacella 1981 Kit Scates-Barnhart
Mycena 1981 Amy Miller
Panaeolus 1980 Gary Menser
Phaeocollybia 1975 Christel Goetz
Phaeocollybia 1999 Lorelei Norvell
Pholiota 1981 Tina Gospodnetich & Kit Scates-Barnhart
Pleurotus & allies 1981 Dorothy Brown
Ramaria 1982 Kit Scates-Barnhart
Russula 1985 Ben Woo
Tricholoma 1996 Coleman Leuthy
Tricholomopsis 1975 Elsie Coulter


Many people contributed to the development of this program, especially members of the Pacific Northwest Key Council (particularly Michael Beug), members of South Vancouver Island Mycological Society, and the many photographers. Particular thanks are due to Adolf and Oluna Ceska who inspired Ian to look at mushrooms in the first place.

Thanks are due to Michael Wood, Fred Stevens, Taylor Lockwood, Boleslaw Kuznik and the other contributors to the MykoWeb web site (, who generously gave their permission to use images in this program. See MykoWeb.