User Manual

Below is a partial screen capture containing the initial four button of the Traditional Ecological Knowledge Database System (TEK). These buttons are used to select the desired part of the database that the uses wishes to review.

The system uses a series of link nested inside of HTML forms to create the interface.
All of the Radio Buttons are used in conjunction with a button on the bottom of the associated page.  The use of the radio buttons is to make only one choice in a given list of possibilities. On the question and image pages, there are 2 groupings of radio buttons. One is the group that allows the user to select whether the wish to view the responses of the inferences made from the responses for all the subjects. The second grouping selects which question or image the response or inference is displayed for.

The first three are linked to the appropriate subparts of the manual.

The last is not linked, as it sends the user to the web page that is the title page of the system.

To preserve the anonymity of the subjects, each has a unique code assigned, with a prefix M or F to indicate gender;  e.g. M1, F1. 





Click on the button in the above image to see help on that section, or click on the text below.

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