Fruiting Bodies: Spore Surface, Pores 

Cryptoporus volvatus
(Grey-Brown Sap Rot)

Fomes fomentarius
(White Spongy Trunk Rot )

Fomitopsis officinalis
(Brown Trunk Rot )

Fomitopsis pinicola
(Brown Crumbly Rot)

Ganoderma applanatum
(White Mottled Rot )

Heterobasidion annosum
(Annosus Root and Butt Rot)

Inonotus tomentosus
(Tomentosus Root Rot)

Laetiporus sulphureus
(Brown Cubical Rot)

Perenniporia subacida
(Stringy Butt Rot)

Phaeolus schweinitzii
(Schweinitzii Butt Rot)

Phellinus hartigii
(White Trunk Rot of Conifers)

Phellinus igniarius
(Hardwood Trunk Rot)

Phellinus pini
(Red Ring Rot )

Phellinus tremulae
(Aspen Trunk Rot )

Piptoporus betulinus
(Brown Cubical Rot of Birch )

Spongipellis delectans
(Brown Stringy Trunk Rot of Hardwoods)

Trichaptum abietinum
(Pitted Sap Rot)