Heavenly protector of a Christian - when do you turn to a guardian angel?

Along with communion, marriage, and penance, baptism is one of the greatest and grandest sacraments of Orthodoxy. According to church traditions, it is then that a person has a special patron who will tirelessly accompany him until the transition to another world. Such a beautiful seraph, who embodies grace, hope and salvation from sins, is depicted by this exclusive amber icon "Guardian Angel" from ukrburshtyn.com web. Meaning, what does a great relic help with? Read and find out!

A guardian angel is a messenger of the Creator

The invisible angel is the main defender of a Christian after the Heavenly Queen, a spiritual mentor and protector of a person. He does not leave his ward for a moment, rejoicing in his virtuous behavior and being upset when the believer violates the commandments given by God. This allows you to constantly feel personal responsibility before the Lord, to enjoy the comfort, support and consolation given by Him, to listen to His advice and tips.

That is why icons of the guardian angel should be present in every home, because it is necessary to turn your thoughts to your heavenly patron every day. It is best to hang the shrine on the eastern wall, turning the room into a miniature likeness of a church altar. However, if you do not have such an opportunity, it is permissible to place the images in another place - the main thing is that there is enough space in front of them for kneeling, and there are no worldly posters, photos, books, a computer or a TV nearby that will distract from the conversation with The creator

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What do they pray for before the image?

Prayer to the guardian angel helps a person in any complications - from family or work problems to spiritual suffering, despair, grief or apathy. By speaking words that come from the heart, Christians gain stability, confidence and firmness in faith, protect themselves from doubts, temptations and unholy desires, find a faithful, kind and noble life partner, discover their true path and purpose in life.

Reading the akathist of the guardian angel, people feel calm, awe, quiet joy, protection and security. Believers learn to overcome temptations and difficulties, to put up with sent trials, to pay attention to the inner voice (sometimes called intuition), which warns of future troubles, troubles and problems. This is how the Lord takes care of a person - protects him, while not encroaching on the freedom of will and choice, granted to all followers of Jesus Christ.

One of the most common Christian prayers is a prayer to a guardian angel for good luck. It is spoken when going outside, going on a long journey, starting an important business, preparing for a speech, going to perform a responsible task or take an exam. In addition, such a request contributes to the resolution of various conflicts, calms ill-wishers and enemies, helps to find a common language with colleagues, friends, and relatives. And they turn to the heavenly messenger during the morning and evening prayer rule to drive away any evil, despair, depression and fear.

Icon of the guardian angel: symbolism of the image

Christian theologians describe angels as invisible and incorporeal forces, submissive to God's will in everything. However, appearing in front of people, they take on the appearance of beautiful young men. And a reminder of the true essence of the seraphim is their gaze, similar to fiery lightning, dazzling purity of clothes, as well as a shining cross or a sword in their hands. And, of course, huge white wings are a mandatory attribute of heavenly defenders - a symbol of perfection, sublimity and perfection of the Heavenly Kingdom.

This is exactly the canon that our master followed - that is why the icon of the guardian angel made by him looks sublime and inspired, causing in the soul a feeling of admiration, reverence, joyful awe. Carefully selected radiant polish gems and multi-colored stone chips create an attractive, harmonious and picturesque image. In front of such a shrine, it is easy to read prayers, thanking the Savior for His mercy, begging for forgiveness of sins or finding joy, peace and pacification.

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