Photoprofiles of Ectomycorrhizae

Photoprofiles of Ectomycorrhizae (POE) provides brief two page descriptions and photos for about 200 (as of 2007) ectomycorrhizal (EM) types for EM fungal species that have been unpublished elsewhere to date, for EM fungal species on different host species, or EM types for as yet unknown fungal species. These represent collections from ecological studies on EM fungi primarily in British Columbia. A list of all photoprofiles available is given and these can be viewed online or downloaded as PDF files. Data from the photoprofiles have been entered into Ectomycorrhizae Descriptions Database (EDD) and can be included in the synoptic search.

The photo profiles of common format are based on a simplified version of the checklist published in Concise Descriptions of North American Ectomycorrhizae (CDNAE) and contain fungal species (when known), collection name, unique collection number, host species, collection location habitat, text with key morphological and anatomical features, images, references, and GenBank accession number if DNA sequence data available. At least two photos of the gross morphology (EM system, tips) and two photos of cellular detail (eg. mantle types or cystidia) are included. Users are cautioned that image colours may not be correctly rendered and depend upon the user's monitor or printer settings and calibration.

Qualified researchers should contact the site editor if they wish to submit a photoprofile to POE if the EM type has not been published elsewhere. Contributors would also be asked to prepare EM descriptor files for posting to EDD.

Photoprofiles of Ectomycorrhizae


design and programming by

Patrick Armstrong
Alan Thomson
J.A. (Tony) Trofymow (site editor)


R. Outerbridge, D. Durall, M. Kranabetter, M. Berbee, and Eric Bol contributed to the templates and final photoprofiles.

Funding for development of POE came from the BC Forest Investment Account: Forest Science Program (FIA-FSP) and the Canadian Forest Service.