This site contains applications developed through a number of research partnerships. And also, in addition to applications, you can ask for help from the already mentioned partnerships, so you can prepare your own research, or learn more about forestry. Such partners are: and Natural Resources Canada through the Pacific Forestry Centre

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1. The Ethics of Classroom Monitoring: Balancing Student Safety and Privacy


British Columbia Ectomycorrhizal Research Network (BCERN)

Online version of a Manual of Concise Descriptions of North American Ectomycorrhizae; the Ectomycorrhizae Descriptions Database; Photoprofiles of Ectomycorrhizae; and Matchmaker for Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.


Matchmaker for Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest (MMPNW)

An aid to identifying mushrooms.

Sport Activities in Alicante: cycling, popular gyms and outdoor activities

Sport Activities in Alicante: cycling, popular gyms and outdoor activities

Due to being located on the coast where temperature averages 23.3°C and may peak to about 31°C in summer, Alicante is often called the Sun City that offers white-sand beaches, numerous archeological and historical site, cultural places and events and gastronomy.

92 Blessed to have my guardian angel in life that was sent from my father  And mama Mary from heaven aman ideas | angel, my guardian angel, i believe  in angels

Heavenly protector of a Christian - when do you turn to a guardian angel?

Along with communion, marriage, and penance, baptism is one of the greatest and grandest sacraments of Orthodoxy. According to church traditions, it is then that a person has a special patron who will tirelessly accompany him until the transition to another world.


HForest - Hypermedia Forest Pest and Disease Diagnosis system (Archived/archivée)

A diagnostic tool for aiding in the identification of pests and diseases


Common Tree Diseases of British Columbia (Archived/archivée)

html version of the book published by the Canadian Forest Service (order book online)


Diseases and insects in BC forest seedling nurseries (Archived/archivée)

Help in the identification and management of important diseases and insects in local nurseries.


Herbicide advisor (temporarily unavailable)

An aid to herbicide selection, once the weed problem has been identified as requiring remedial action

Lodgepole pine

Lodgepole pine advisor (temporarily unavailable)

Foliar Nutrient Diagnosis and Fertilizer Advisory System


Traditional Ecological Knowledge (Archived/archivée)

A database of the literature background, questions, responses, inferences and links for use as the focus of a discussion of Traditional Knowledge in Resource Management.




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